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I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!! I’m in a really good mood right now. I’m almost finished with my Christmas shopping, which I’ve done almost completely online. This year’s favorites are Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, The Disney Store, ToysRUs, and Target. I feel at ease knowing my Christmas shopping list is just about complete. Now, I can relax and enjoy the season with my kiddos and honey. Less time shopping…more time for napping!!! Am I right?!?!

Snowy White Tree

I got a new tree! My dream tree! And it is amazing! Because I have a small house, there’s really only room for a slim tree. I bought a slim/pencil tree last year that did just fine. It wasn’t spectacular, but I was content. It was 30″ round and on the small side for our living room.

This year, I received the King Flock Slim Artificial Christmas Tree 7.5 feet with LED lights from King of Christmas. This new beauty is 40″ wide, which is perfect for this tiny house. To make this girl even happier, I’ve always wanted a flocked tree. I love the idea of having a tree that looks like it’s just been kissed by the snow.  This one from King of Christmas is just right for my house. It’s the perfect size and prettier than I imagined.

Decorating The Tree

When it came time to decorate my new tree, I knew I wanted to steer away from traditional Christmas colors.  I’m not a huge fan of bright red and green decor, so just like last year, I went with neutrals and soft tones. In regards to the interior design world, I consider myself pretty minimalistic when it comes to decorating for Christmas. I don’t go out and spend thousands on new decor each Winter season. All I needed were some new bulbs to add to the ones I used last year. No wrap-around ribbon, sticks popping out of the sides, or anything else like that. I’m a simple girl.

Small house tip: If you want your home to close in on you, decorate with bright bold colors and pack your tree with ornaments. If you’d rather your house stay as open as possible, keep it simple and soft.

Where are all of the kid ornaments?

Some of you may be wondering, “this chick said she has kids…where are all of the kid ornaments?”  Well, I’m glad you asked. My boys have their own Christmas tree in their room that they decorate all by themselves.  They love it, I love it, my beautiful soft and neutral tree loves it.

Momtique Christmas Momtique Christmas Tour

And check out how the tree looks next to my babies. My Silhouette from VonJet is one of my favorite things in my home. I can’t wait to get a new one in a few years to see how much they’ve grown. I can just imagine a hallway full of these, lined up, one right after the other, from babies to grand babies. Momtique and Vonjet

Look at the colors of those bulbs!!! Rose gold, copper, gold, silver, mint…perfection! I would like to say that I had good luck and found them all at one store, but that is not the case. I had to go to three different stores to get the right mix of colors but it was all worth it.

Momtique Christmas Tree

The Hunt for the Forever Tree Topper

I have a love/hate relationship with tree toppers. All these years, I haven’t been able to find one I actually like enough to keep for the next year’s Christmas season. My parents had the same tree topper my entire life, I love that idea! I really wanted to find one that I could keep forever, or at least a long time.  I looked on Etsy, Amazon, every single chain store online….nothing. Believe it or not, I actually ended up finding this tree topper at Lowes. As you may know, I’m usually a Home Depot kind of gal but my mom and I were driving by and decided to just look to see if they had one I might like. Winner!!! Winner!!! This one does light up but the bulbs are a very warm color and clashed with the tree lights. I love it and I hope I still love it next year. Fingers crossed!
Momtique White Christmas Tree

DIY Christmas Tree Stand

There are times in my life when “DIY” stands for “Dad Is Ywesome.” Get it? Awesome?!? Anyways…..

I asked my dad if he would make me a reclaimed wood Christmas tree stand last year and he said yes, like he always does. Awwwww! How sweet! It’s pretty awesome and I’m sooooo happy that my new King of Christmas tree fit inside of it perfectly.  Thanks Dad!!

My French chair was meant for Christmas. HERE is a link to all about how I transformed this chair from a hot pink mess to what it is now.

DIY Christmas Tree Box Momtique Momtique Christmas Tree Box DIY

And here’s a little sneak peek of the next part of my Christmas home tour.  I call this one “I’m Dreaming of a Vintage Christmas”……Stay tuned!

Momtique Christmas Tree with Neutrals

No matter what your interior design style, I hope you enjoyed my Christmas tree. Isn’t it fun seeing all of the different ways people choose to decorate their tree. From traditional to modern, to farmhouse and bohemian…there are some beautifully decorated trees out there.

And thank you King of Christmas for an amazing tree!

And remember, you did it yourself and it will probably show. Embrace the DIY life.


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