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Entryway makeover…again!

Entryway Makeover

The Before

So here’s the deal, when you’re addicted to furniture like I am, and you have a super small house like I do, you have to really prioritize your furniture.  If I find something that beats out an existing piece of furniture…it’s out with the old and in with the “new.”  I had an amazing bench in my tiny entryway, actually it was more like a walk-way.  It was a beautiful ornate twin headboard that my dad turned into a bench.  It’s amazing!!!  Here it is with a large french chickenwire frame and wood floor lamp.  This was a cute spot in my home and I really loved it.

Office Turned Entryway

The New Piece

Everything was fine and dandy, then one day while searching on Craigslist, I found something else.  Something amazing. Something that beat out the bench. I love this piece so much.  It has a major Victorian feel which is one of my favorite decor and home styles.  I get so much inspiration from the Victorian style.  Do me a favor, type in “Victorian exteriors” on Pinterest and scroll through it for just a second.  All those beautiful homes that you see….those are my dream homes.  I love the look, the character, the over-the-top ornate detail, and the beatiful romantic feel of a Victorian home.

When I found this piece on Craigslist, I knew I just had to have it.  I was ready to dethrone the bench and welcome in this beautiful entryway piece. *Also…this is me…Mickey Mouse t-shirt and top bun.*

entryway piece before

If you know me at all, you know I love gray furniture.  It’s so peaceful and neutral. But I was feeling that this piece called for a special touch.  I decided to paint it a soft mint green.  I also decided that the wood lamp (pictured above) no longer matched the new entry way piece.  This space now called for a different, more unique floor lamp. I added an antique looking “stained glass” lamp to go with the Victorian feel.  I’m digging it and want my entire home to be one beautiful Victorian French cottage.

Here’s a quick small home tip: When you have a small home, something that may help you keep your home from closing in on you, is to keep the furniture depth minimal and the height as tall as you can go. But, this is just my two cents.

The New Entryway

This piece was relatively easy to refinish.  Don’t get me wrong, I love restoring furniture but sometimes it’s just nice to be able to start painting right out of the gate.  I did take the mirror off because I thought it would make it easier to paint…this was not the case.  Putting this mirror back on was quite a challenge.   I also changed out the hooks and took the railing off of the sides.  I really love the way it turned out.  And until I find another piece that will beat this one out, this piece is here to stay.

Entryway by Momtique

Entryway makeover by Momtique

Momtique Entryway

Momtique Victorian EntrywayEntryway Makeover by Momtique Victorian Entryway Makeover by Momtique Mint Furniture by Momtique

This new piece goes wonderfully in my home and definitely matches my style.  On my quest for only having furniture in my home that I truly love, this beauty fits the bill.  I have a few more pieces to switch out and then I will be done…until I find something else I love more.


“And remember, you did it yourself and it will probably show. Embrace the DIY life.”



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