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Antique Farmhouse Chippy Cabinet Makeover

What a risky decision! I bought and paid for this cabinet without seeing it in person.  I wasn’t too sure it was going to work out in my favor after I picked it up.  It needed so much work.  Way more work than I would want to put into a piece this size.  When pricing items for resale at our market, things a certain size go for a certain amount.  It’s not an exclusively high end market but there are a few higher end booths.  We try to price our items so that the customers feel like they can buy an item without having to think about the purchase too much. Since our market is only open for 4 days out of the month, we have one shot to sell out as much as possible.

Anyways….This piece took me at least 10 hours (which means it took me several days.) There was paper on the back and on each shelf.  To remove it, I tried my heat gun but that didn’t work.  I ended up having to sand off TWO layers of paper.  This took a few hours. Then I cleaned it and filled some holes.  Next, I painted it with Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Creamy with NO bonding agent.  Because it was in rough shape, I wanted it to be chippy.  I used polyurethane to try to stop the chipping process.  It’s still chipping a little but not too much.  The final step was applying chicken wire. This took a long time.  I had to cut the side panels into separate pieces…super time consuming but I didn’t have any options.

Don’t mind all the stuff in the background.  😉

Here’s the before with the super awesome paper on the back.


No more paper!!!! I did need to do a little glueing.


Here’s after 3 coats of paint.  See the chipping process starting?? I love it!


After a little bit of sanding, this is what I was left with.


I did’t get any picture of the chicken wire process because I really didn’t enjoying doing it. I just wanted this cabinet to be completed so I could move on to the next project.  But It’s finished and I think this farmhouse chippy cabinet looks amazing staged with my favorite linens and blues.

Chippy Farmhouse CabinetAntique Chippy Farmhouse CabinetCabinet Makeover
Chippy Farmhouse Makeover by MomtiqueFarmhouse Cabinet DIY by Momtique
Makeover of an antique cabinet by Momtique

Thanks for reading along and taking a  look at this farmhouse cabinet makeover.  I hope you enjoyed the before and after pictures!



And remember, you did it yourself and it will  probably show. Embrace the DIY life.

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