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Antique Cabinet Makeover

I couldn’t let this piece go without staging it and taking a handful of pictures.  But guess what!  You’re not going to see a handful of pictures.  You’re going to see way more, if you choose to stick around.  This cabinet is days away from heading to our booth.  As you probably know, my mom and I share an 8’x8′ booth at a once-a-month (4 days) vintage market in Lincoln, California (about 30 minutes from Sacramento).  The market is called Gypsy Chic and it’s amazing. We have sooooo much fun being a part of all of the hustle and bustle and good times. Seriously, if you ever find yourself in northern CA, you must check it out.  It’s definitely “what’s happening” in Sacramento.  Each day is filled with hundreds of busy shoppers, either looking for something truly unique or for some of the latest farmhouse trends.  It’s the best!

Now, back to this lovely little lady!! We call her The Brinson.  Do you name your furniture?  No? Just us? Ok, fine!

The Brinson was painted green many years ago by it’s owner.  They didn’t do a bad job at all.  It was just time for an update.  My mom and I were so excited to paint this piece.  It’s kind of amazing and we both want to keep it now!!! Unfortunately, I don’t even have room for the furniture that I have in my house already. It’s getting packed in here!!!! So off she goes to the booth.  It’s time for her to find her next home.

The back is a mirrored, which is awesome, but don’t be surprised when you see my legs photobombing the picture.

You can tell I really love this piece because I took like a million photos.  She’s purdy!

White Painted CabinetFrench Painted Furniture

White French Cabinet Painted by momtique

Shabby Chic CabinetVintage Chandalier

Shabby Chic Painted Cabinet


Shabby Chic Quits

DIY Furniture Painting

Blue Glass Bottle Collection

Momtique Blue Glass Collection


Decorating with Vintage by Momtique

I had to move the greenery so you could see the amazing detail on the back.  LOVE IT!!

Vintage Candelabras
Furniture DetailsGuess who came to crash mommy’s photo shoot?!?!  He did!  Like a million times.  Two year olds are the best and the most difficult (sometimes).
Momtique Furniture

We hope you love The Brinson as much as we do!

Thanks for stopping by my little blog. It means so much to me!

Have a wonderful day!

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