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I’m so over their room!

I hope this post doesn’t come across as negative or like I’m complaining.  I am so grateful for the home we get to live in, even with all of it’s quarks. But do you ever walk into a room in your home and it just doesn’t do it for you???

My least favorite room in my house, other than my kitchen, is the room that my boys share. I’m so over their room!

The wall color is tan, which I don’t like. The carpet is brown, which I don’t like. Their bed is scratched up, literally, they kept scratching the paint off on purpose.  Silly boys! Their dresser was far too big for the room.  Basically, it’s cluttered and filled with furniture that’s too big. I decided a few months ago that if we were going to stay in this house another year, which we are, that I would redo their room to hopefully bring it to the same level of “cuteness” as the rest of my house. Because we are renting, when we first moved in I didn’t decorate their room in a way that would make me happy.  But since we aren’t going anywhere yet, I guess better late than never.


My main focus for this “remodel” is to somehow make the room look and feel bigger.  It’s a small room (10′ by 11′) with two exit doors on opposite sides of the room, which makes it seem even smaller. To add to the small room reality, my oldest (7) is just like me in the sense that he is a major collector, continually verging on the line of hoarding.  I am constantly showing and teaching him how to keep his crazy to a minimum.  Mama understands!

What needs to change…

  1. New bunk bed with storage underneath
  2. Rug
  3. Smaller dresser
  4. Baskets and boxes for cute storage
  5. Star Wars wall art and clock
  6. New neutral bedding
  7. Paint walls
  8. Curtains

Here is the mood board that I designed as inspiration. Not that I’m going to buy these exact items, but it helps me when executing my ideas. 


Momtique Mood Board of Boys Star Wars room


Here are the only two before pictures I could find.  I’m actually already starting to change things up in their room so if I took a picture now it wouldn’t be a true before picture.  The after is going to look drastically different and I can’t wait!!!!!



I am so looking forward to moving on from this room. Let’s see if I can do it all without breaking the bank!! Stay tuned for updates!


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