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Thrifty Thursday: $5 Frame Makeover

Thrifty Thursday: $5 Frame Makeover

5 Dollar Frame Makeover

The Story

I absolutely love finding a good deal.  Don’t you????  My decor life depends on it.  If I don’t find the deals….I don’t get what I want.  If money is something stopping you from decorating: thrift stores, craigslist, garage sales and Facebook sale sites are your new friends.  Write a list of what you’re looking for and search, search, search…everyday.

Being a shop owner means that finding home decor items at a good price is also part of my job.  It’s my job to sift through the trash to find the treasures.  I go to Goodwill at least once a week and scour that place high and low for even just one gem.  You would be surprised at what people give away.  I am continually shocked at the treasures I find that are just one step away from being in the trash.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Each week, I’m going to pop on here and show you some of my favorite thrift store/craigslist/garage sale finds and how I make them over to increase their beauty (and value.)  I’m going to call it Thrifty Thursday.

The Before

Today’s Thrifty Thursday treasure is a picture frame.  I ALWAYS look for frames, pictures, and mirrors when I walk into a thrift store.  I love finding an old frame and turning it into something special.  I found this frame for $5.19 which is a steal.  I originally wanted to turn it into a chalkboard.
frame makeover before

Here’s the back of it.  This is a quality piece….that I’m going to tear apart.




I painted the frame in my go-to color, a gray mixture of Annie Sloan Pure White and Graphite.

Chalk paint frame

Whenever I paint a frame, I like to layer with light and dark accent colors to make the piece look aged and authentic.


Next, I went outside and spray painted the glass that came with the frame with some Krylon Chalkboard Paint.  I thought….hey this is great!  But it wasn’t.  I spray painted both sides and couldn’t avoid getting these little white dots to pop up everywhere.  Boooo! So change of plans.


I alway have some extra chicken wire around so I quickly changed from making this a chalkboard to making this a chicken wire frame.


See how bad I did?!?!  It took me three missed staples to get this little section done.  I was laughing at all my missed attempts. I promise, I did better on the rest of the frame.


The After

I love chicken wire.  Since I’m not very artistic and my penmanship is terrible, not having another chalkboard is fine by me.

vintage frame makeover Chicken wire frame diy
DIY Chicken Wire FrameAnd here’s a little close up of my chippy end table.  It’s small and fits the spot perfectly.  I love the magic of milk paint!!
Chippy end tablechippy end table with Milk Paint shabby chic frame Shabby Chic Chicken Wire Frame

I hope you enjoyed my first segment of Thrifty Thursday.  Is it a earth shaking makeover?!?! Not so much. But it’s the little things that make a difference to me.  I hope you come back next Thursday for my second installment of Thrifty Thursday.  It’s a goodie. I hope you have a great day!


“And remember, you did it yourself and it will probably show.  Embrace the DIY life.”


5 Dollar Frame Makeover

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