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DIY Rose Gold Beads

DIY Rose Gold Beads

DIY Rose Gold Beads with Momtique

I’ve wanted to make these beads for a very long time.  While working on another project, I discovered this amazing rose gold acrylic paint.  I knew from that moment that it was time for me to make rose gold beads.  Here’s what you’ll need, I’ve included links for each item so you don’t have to leave home to get supplies.  Score!

What you’ll need:

All of the links below are affiliate links, which means if you buy something using these links, I will get a small (very small) percentage from amazon.

DecoArt Rose Gold Metallic Acrylic Paint

1″ Wood Beads


Paint Brush

Box …use one of your million amazon boxes you have laying around 😉

Rose Gold Beads

Spring time craft

Use a box to stab (wow…so violent) the skewers into to keep them steady while you paint.

Rose Gold Beads DIY craftGet painting! Nothing to it.  Just paint them until they are covered.  You’ll need a few coats.
Rose Gold Beads Craft

This is what they looked like after one coat.  It took me a good 10/15 minutes to do one coat. Make sure you let them dry.  It took about 10 minutes for each coat to dry.  It’s not a fast craft, I’ll tell you that, but it is easy! This is the kind of craft that you can let your mind drift away and think about…anything…nothing…chocolate…WHATEVER!
Bead Garland Craft

This is what these beauties looked like after two coats.  For me, they were still a little streaky and I wanted a full coverage look so I decided to paint a third coat.
DIY rose gold beads

And this is what was happening while I was doing this project.  The blonde ones are mine. 🙂

I was happy with how they turned out after the third coat.  After they dried completely, I used copper wire to string them to make one long chain, tying it off at both ends.  And that’s it!  You’re done.

DIY rose gold beads

Here’s the fun part….the finished product.  That’s the best part of DIYing right?  To stand back and say “Hey, I did that!”  Decorating with Rose Gold/Copper is so simple.  It’s the perfect accent color for ANY decorating style.  Shabby Chic, French, Mid Century Modern, Farmhouse, Traditional, Country, Eclectic…you name it….you can use this color.  I like to mix it with whites and blues.  Here are my new Rose Gold beads with my seltzer bottle, ironstone, and vintage copper, (not to mention the blue glass beads.) Copper bead garland

DIY copper beads
Spring time craft Copper Bead Garland craft

This is a super simple craft that you can do when you have an hour to kill…or an hour that you want to ignore the huge pile of laundry on the couch or dishes in the sink.  I know I did.


Thanks so much for reading this little DIY on my little blog.  I’m excited to be back on here after a short break the past few months.  2017 is going to be full!  I can’t wait to share with you all, all of the projects and topics that I’ve been stewing over.  I hope you join me in taking a look at life, the good, the bad, and the beautiful.


“And remember, you did it yourself and it will probably show. Embrace the DIY life.”


Diy Rose Gold Beads

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