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Booth Progress

Thank you all for reading yesterday’s blog post about my exciting new adventure as a vendor at The Gypsy Chic Vintage Market.  It was the most activity my little blog has ever seen.  If you missed it and want to know what I’m talking about, click HERE to read the story of what lead me to this place.  And HERE is information on the market I am now a vendor at.


Yesterday, I showed you all this picture of me and my baby standing in front of the booth. I’m showing you this again to refresh your memory of what we started with.  Are you ready to see some progress?


Here’s what it looked like after the first day of work.  We put up a chalkboard wall which I painted with our custom chalkboard color that I will blog about soon. We covered the back wall with two drop cloths. We threw in some of our painted furniture that we had on hand and one of my parent’s beautiful vintage doors.  Can’t you see it coming together a little bit? Of course, there’s too much white at this point but I just had to see the space with some items in it so that I could see some real progress.

web-2-13On our next work day we added most of our goodies and painted future that we had been working on.  In a matter of a week and half I painted a pair of nightstands, a large curio cabinet and a beautiful french style dresser.  Thank goodness for good weather and kids that love to be outside!   I wasn’t alone in my furniture painting efforts, my littlest likes to “help” mommy whenever he can.  In fact, the other day he found my makeup brush and started to help me paint…..oh joy!


Here’s a picture of a quick styling after we threw everything in.  Lots of adding items and tweaking left to do but once again, I just needed to see it begin to take shape.  Now you have to understand something, I have taken everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, I could manage to live without from my decor storage (yes, I have a shed devoted to all of my decor items…doesn’t everyone?!?!).  Almost all of my items in this booth are things I originally purchased for myself but have now managed to part with, all for the sake of creating a great place for people to treasure hunt.  This is my goal.  To offer unique treasures and high quality painted furniture.web-7-7


My dad built this arbor which will be perfect for seasonal decorating.  For our October show we have a little bit of orange and brown faux leaves.  Nothing too crazy, just enough to add a little bit of a fall feel.  We will be hanging our sign on the front beam. Our sign is stinking awesome and I can’t wait to get it up there and show you!

Ideas for vintage market or antique show roof

And here I am in our little booth.  We are going back tonight to put up the sign, bring in and price some items, style a display piece I just finished, hang some items on the wall….and on and on.  It should only take 345 more hours.

momtique booth

I can’t wait to show you everything we will accomplish tonight.  I’m hoping to blog about it tomorrow or Tuesday.

Thanks for reading and for being a part of this with me.  I know this may not be a big deal for other people, but for me, this has been a dream of mine for a while.

Have a great Sunday!


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