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Real Mom Talk

Sickness, sniffles, stress, sleeplessness and snuggles.


Well, this was an interesting weekend.  Lots of sniffles, stress, sleeplessness, sickness and snuggles. All 3 boys started coming down with something on Thursday and it has now hit us in full swing. My whole world stops when my kids are sick. I immediately start losing who I am.  I am a cleaner, organizer, planner, doer.  As soon as I feel a hot little head and see their flushed little cheeks, I suddenly have no clue what to do.  Fear comes over me.  Yes, fear. I know that it’s just a little cold but my mind races with questions and thoughts.  Where did we get it? Do I not wash their hands enough? Are we going to have to go to the Dr.? Will I know when to take them to the Dr.?  Wait….what was the temperature that you should take kids to the Dr.? Do I have enough throw up bowls? And on and on and on.  The truth is, they aren’t going to die over this, they will be just fine. As my youngest son’s fever was coming down, I was reminded by the Lord that He does not want me to fear.  He wants me to have peace and trust in Him. After all, He loves my little men more than I do.  Is that to say that nothing bad will ever happen to them? NO! It just means that He has them in His hands and that I should rest in knowing they are safe.



And to be honest, when the bigger boys (4 and 7) are sick it doesn’t bring a sense of fear like it does when the youngest falls sick. When an infant/toddler is sick there are so many extra problems.  I’ve been up ALLLLLLLL night the past few nights.  He’s been crying and screaming and there isn’t anything I can do.  It’s rough.  Isn’t it funny how we take for granted health until it is taken away?  My mind was brought to those parents who live day in and day out with a child who lives with daily sickness, whether it be a terminal or chronic illness, or even an allergy.  My children are healthy and I am beyond thankful for each day they are able to run around and play with no care at all.


**Lord, I pray for a steady sense of trust. That you would continue to show me your hands holding my boys. I pray that fear does not sneak into my mind and heart. That the only thing sneaking around is a child hiding, not wanting to take a bath. Lord give me strength to get through another day of being the best mom I can. Thank you for my little family. Amen**

img_0817“Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.”

Psalm 55:22


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