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Summer at Momtique

It’s summertime here at Gypsy and we have filled the Momtique booth with so many treasures it will blow your mind! Well, that’s a little dramatic but you catch my drift. If you’re in the Northern California area, please visit our booth at Gypsy Chic Vintage Market in Lincoln.

109 Flocchini Circle

Lincoln, CA 95648

June 14th-17th

Did you know that I (on the left) don’t have the booth all to myself? Ever since this adventure started in September 2016, my mom (the beauty in the middle) has been an equal partner. And just a few months ago, my sister (the hottie with the dark hair) joined us and we couldn’t be happier. Having a booth is something that is far more enjoyable when you have a team sharing your vision.


I want to share with you just a few of the items we have this month that we think you can’t live without. 😉

We added several new *BEAUTIFUL* pieces of furniture this month.

A white antique hutch – I had the pleasure of painting one a few months ago just like it, and now this one?!?! I am one lucky girl!

A 100% handmade wood side table – perfect in every way.

A handmade bench – my dad and mom turned two chairs into the sweetest bench you’ll ever see.

2 white dressers and 1 off white dresser…yes, you heard me…3 freshly painted beautiful vintage dressers.

1 very cute petite desk.

AND here’s a little bit more…


Vintage Scale

Antique Tin Tiles


Beach Decor

Old Enamel Pots

Vintage Hair Dryer Set

Garden Decor


Farmhouse Decor

Plenty of Americana to decorate for the 4th of July!

And soooooooo much more!!!

Momtique June Booth 24PINIMAGE

Momtique Booth June 3PINIMAGE

Momtique Booth June 8PINIMAGE

Momtique Booth June 7PINIMAGE

Momtique Booth June 6PINIMAGE

Momtique June Booth 21PINIMAGE

Momtique Booth June 9PINIMAGE

Momtique Booth June 2PINIMAGE

Momtique Booth June 11PINIMAGE

Momtique Booth June 12PINIMAGE

Momtique Booth June 1PINIMAGE

Momtique June Booth 20PINIMAGE

Momtique Booth June 10PINIMAGE

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Momtique June Booth 22PINIMAGEMomtique June Booth 23PINIMAGE
Momtique June Booth 25PINIMAGE

We hope to see you there!