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Bedroom Update with a hint of Christmas

Bedroom Update with a hint of Christmas

I have been wanting to take new pictures of our bedroom for several months. Life is very busy with homeschooling my boys and running our Momtique booth. Cleaning, staging, and taking pictures takes up about a half of a day so it’s hard to find the time. Gypsy Chic (where we have our booth) has an extra week in-between shows this month so I finally made this a priority.

HERE is the last time I posted an update of our room.  This was Spring 2016.

master bedroom update-3PINIMAGE

bedroom decorating ideas-2PINIMAGE

Fast forward to Winter 2017

I am happy to have been able to change a good portion of items in the room but some things remain the same.  Mainly, the headboard is the same.  I am still waiting around for an antique queen French headboard that doesn’t exist.

Momtique Christmas Bedroom Full View PINIMAGE

Momtique Christmas Bedroom Armoire PINIMAGEThe updates are….


I put up new antique style sconces on the wall….YAY! I ordered them from Egypt and the wiring was all off. My wonderful dad rewired them for me. Thanks dad! I love them soooooo much!!!

Momtique Christmas Bedroom Antique Style Sconce PINIMAGE


I found new bedding from HomeGoods. Bedding is a very difficult purchase for me. I had searched and searched for the ideal linen bedding but I wasn’t able to pay the price tag that came along with all of the sets that I wanted.  One day at HomeGoods, I found an inexpensive duvet set that came with two pillow cases. One side of the set had a design that I wasn’t a huge fan of so I flipped it over to the plain side. It’s totally a “it will do for now” set and I’m really ok with that.


While searching Craigslist like I so often do, I stumbled upon a beautiful washstand that had a marble top.  I absolutely love marble on antique furniture! This piece is perfect.  I painted it with milk paint which gave it some beautiful chippiness. I now use it as a vanity where I do my makeup.

Momtique Christmas Bedroom Vintage Vanity PINIMAGEBut that’s not the only new piece of furniture.  The short marble-top dresser at the end of the bed is a serious dream come true. I paid more than I normally would for this piece and not a day has gone by that I’ve given it a second thought.  It provides so much needed storage and looks AMAZING! And the marble top is a beautiful gray.  I’m obsessed with this piece.

Momtique Christmas Bedroom French DresserPINIMAGE

Windows and more vintage goodies

On the armoire, I’ve added several antique leaded glass windows. The long one with all of the panes is my newest and most favorite addition.  It’s hard to tell in the picture, but there are four different leaded glass windows up there.  Also, I have acquired some beautiful demijohns to add to my collection. And did you see that antique birdhouse on the window seat….it’s amazing.

Momtique Christmas Bedroom Leaded Glass and DemijohnPINIMAGE


I switched out my previous RUGS USA rug for new ones that would fit the size of the room better.  I loved the design of the previous rug but it was too small for the room.  Now, I have three rugs in the room. Two runners, one on each side of the bed, and a 5’x7′ at the end.  Due to the size of the room, and my extreme desire to cover up my brown rental carpet, the 5’x7′ rug is off-center.  I had no other option but to place it where it is.  Ideally, it would be in the center but then I wouldn’t be able to close or open our bedroom door, which is kind of a must. I had to let go and be ok with it not looking “perfect” in order to cover up as much of the carpet as I could.

I am very happy with the way it looks and I’m loving the design of the rug. The rug is called Treasures Abstract Vintage Rug and you can click HERE for the link to the rugs. Thanks RUGS USA for making the room complete!

Momtique Christmas Bedroom Rugs USA PINIMAGE

Adding the Christmas Feel

I wanted to add a few things just to make the room look a little Christmasy.  First, I added a Christmas wreath that I bought at Goodwill last year.  Yep…Goodwill.  I brought out my “Merry Christmas” pillow from storage. On my armoire, I placed a beautiful 9′ garland that I received from King of Christmas.  Last I checked, the garlands were out of stock but by the time you read this they may be back in stock! Click HERE for the link.  And I can’t wait to show you my King of Christmas tree.  It’s amazing!!!!!! Stay tuned!

Momtique Christmas Vintage BedroomPINIMAGE

Momtique Christmas Bedroom Garden Gate HeadboardPINIMAGEMomtique Christmas Bedroom White Garden Gate HeadboardPINIMAGEMomtique Christmas Bedroom Christmas Pillow PINIMAGE

Momtique Antique Christmas Bedroom Wall SconcesPINIMAGE

Momtique Christmas Bedroom Mora ClockPINIMAGE

Momtique Christmas Bedroom Vintage PINIMAGE

Momtique French Christmas Bedroom PINIMAGEMomtique Christmas Bedroom French Blue DresserPINIMAGEMomtique Christmas Bedroom Blue French DresserPINIMAGEMomtique Christmas Bedroom Antique Blue DresserPINIMAGE

Momtique Christmas Bedroom French Antique DresserPINIMAGEMomtique Christmas Bedroom Details PINIMAGE

Momtique Christmas Bedroom Antique French Furniture PINIMAGEMomtique Christmas Bedroom Gray Marble Top DresserPINIMAGEMomtique Christmas Bedroom Marble DresserPINIMAGEMomtique Christmas Bedroom French Marble PINIMAGEMomtique Christmas Bedroom French Antique PINIMAGEMomtique Christmas Bedroom Antique DresserPINIMAGE

Momtique Christmas Bedroom Antique Dressform PINIMAGE

Momtique Antique Christmas Bedroom PINIMAGEMomtique Christmas Bedroom Antique Christmas PINIMAGEMomtique Christmas Bedroom 26PINIMAGEMomtique Christmas Bedroom Antique Vanity PINIMAGE

Momtique Antique Christmas Bedroom PINIMAGE

Momtique Christmas Bedroom Chippy VanityPINIMAGE

Momtique Christmas Master Bedroom PINIMAGE

Momtique Christmas Bedroom French Armoire PINIMAGEMomtique Christmas Bedroom Leaded Glass Window PINIMAGEMomtique Vintage Christmas Master Bedroom PINIMAGEMomtique Christmas Master Bedroom Antique PINIMAGE

Wow…that was an insane amount of pictures.  I hope I didn’t bore you to death with them all.  So here’s to hoping the next time I write a bedroom update, it’s because I’ve found my dream headboard. Fingers crossed!

And remember, you did it yourself and it will probably show. Embrace the DIY life.


I received product from Rugs USA and King of Christmas but all opinions are my own.

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