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The Momtique Booth Expansion

The Momtique Booth Expansion

The past two weeks have been crazy….insane….fun….you name it.  As you may know, my mom and I run a small booth in the Gypsy Chic Vintage Market, located in Lincoln, CA.  When it comes to vintage and home decor, this show is seriously “what’s happening” in Sacramento. Women line up at the door each month, waiting to shop all of the amazing one-of-a-kind and trendy treasures stocked in each booth.  Did I mention that we are only open 4 days a month?  Just 4 days!  This ups the excitement and anticipation for our customers, and even for the vendors.

The Old Booth

For the past year, my mom and I have had an 8’x8′ booth.  At first, it was plenty big enough for us.  But the past few months, we have definitely been feeling the walls closing in on us.  64 square feet was just not enough anymore. We had lots of ideas and amazing furniture we wanted to use but we were very limited.  Here I am, standing in front of our first booth 13 months ago. I’m still shocked we fit as much as we did in that space.

Gypsy Chic Vintage MarketPINIMAGE

The New Booth…or is it?

Lucky us, this past month, there have been some changes going on in the shop, which opened up a door for us to move to a bigger booth.  Just 13 days ago we found out that this was going to be our new booth.  Well, not the shelving area, that belonged to a different vendor.  Even without that additional space on the left side,  this booth was still a much larger space than what we had at the time.  The back wall was 13′, the side wall was 12′, the front wall (which ends at the white post you see there on the right) was 9′ and we were going to add some doors next to the shelves which would give us about 4 more additional feet.  This was almost 3 times the amount of square footage we previously had. We were very excited. A little overwhelmed, but all around, we were doing a happy dance.

IMG-5905PINIMAGEBefore Momtique Booth 1PINIMAGE
Before Momtique Booth 3PINIMAGE

So 12 days ago, we started moving our furniture over, we put up our sign (not centered because we were still sharing the space and couldn’t encroach on the other vendor’s space,) we installed doors to separate us from the other booth….we were moving in!  But stop right there!!!!!

Progress Booth MomtiquePINIMAGE

The Final New Booth

Fast forward to 5 days ago (November 4th).  We got a call that we had the option to take over the shelving space as well.  That space was 4’x8′, and honestly, a no brainer for us. We were going from a small booth to a small store feel overnight. We said “Yes,” and began making adjustments. We took doors down, took can lights down, moved the sign to the center, took a wall of shelves down, and it was really coming together.  So when I tell you that the past five day have been absolutely crazy, I am not being dramatic.  It’s been a wonderful, chaotic week.


So here it is, the show starts today (November 9th) at 3:00pm and we are actually ready.  We are so excited and looking forward to an amazing next four days!  Since most of you aren’t in or near Sacramento, here are a million pictures of the booth.  I hope you enjoy!
Momtique Booth 1PINIMAGEMomtique Booth 2PINIMAGEMomtique Booth 3PINIMAGEMomtique Booth 4PINIMAGEMomtique Booth 5PINIMAGEMomtique Booth 6PINIMAGEMomtique Booth 7PINIMAGEMomtique Booth 8PINIMAGEMomtique Booth 9PINIMAGEMomtique Booth 10PINIMAGEMomtique Booth 11PINIMAGEMomtique Booth 12PINIMAGEMomtique Booth 13PINIMAGEMomtique Booth 14PINIMAGEMomtique Booth 15PINIMAGEMomtique Booth 16PINIMAGEMomtique Booth 17PINIMAGEMomtique Booth 18PINIMAGEMomtique Booth 19PINIMAGEMomtique Booth 20PINIMAGEMomtique Booth 21PINIMAGE

Thank you so much for reading my ramblings.

I hope you have a beautiful day!

Kendra Williams


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